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Independent Producer of Zero-Carbon Green Hydrogen Powered by Wind

Backed by the Strength of Our Experienced Management Team

Independent Producer of Zero-Carbon Green Hydrogen from Wind Power

Backed by the strength of an experienced team in the energy and hydrogen industries

Production Tax Credits Enhance Competitiveness

Zero carbon green hydrogen is a commercially viable pathway to decarbonization

Asset-backed Production

Electrolyzers coupled to our portfolio of wind farms making true green hydrogen

Renewed Value for Wind Farms

Repowering mid-life wind farms for green hydrogen prolongs their economic life and reduces waste

Ideally Located

Distributed production to efficiently serve transportation, mobility and industrial markets

Scalable Platform

Targeting up to 150,000 mtpa of green H2 by 2026 from a regional portfolio to help grow America’s hydrogen economy

Soliciting Indications of Interest

Inviting commercial, industrial and wholesale customers to explore the benefits of decarbonizing with green hydrogen

A portfolio company of